Xinhua Bloody Attack on Titan trailer was revealed at TGS 1

Blackmoore grinned, his neatly trimmed goatee parting to reveal white teeth. “He was not scheduled to fight today, but for you, Your Highness, I shall pair him up against the worthiest foes available.”

Action Games Titan on Koei Tecmo’s upcoming attack, exclusive for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, and was unveiled at a press conference, Sony Computer Entertainment Asia.

The game was announced in August at the GamesCom. It is composed of the Omega Force, identified as Dynasty Warriors team development. This is the first Titan games first attack, because humans are imprisoned in Japan 3DS was released in the end of 2013, then this past summer in Europe and North America. By the mobile social game, howl accompanied forthcoming to freedom, Attack on Titan is ready to make a huge, interactive splash. For more information about the GamesCon event visit TheGameCon.

Shots from the trailer looks gorgeous, bloody, and unfeigned to visual effects animation. However, if everything in the trailer show true picture of the game there is no definitive evidence. What is similar to Dynasty Warriors, and a familiar environment, from the movie shoot. Display Eren Jaeger fighting giants gracefully with his vertical mobility equipment in a fast-paced action. In the lens, Eren slash napes protection seems to be when he Shinganshina Maria breach the walls, as described in the first episode of the show.

Post Attack on Titan set for this winter to see their share sometime next year in North America and Europe and in Japan.

Are you excited for the game fresh attacks on Titan? Will this hold you up until the second quarter of animation? Let us know in the comments!


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